Frequently asked questions

How much room to I need for the castle?

Each castle has different measurements, all measurements can be seen on our website, but you must allow room around the castle for the blower at the back and front for entering the castle, and so that the castle itself does not rub on anything, always look up when measuring the area to look for overhanging trees and eaves and power cords. Please email photos of the area though if unsure and we can check if it is a suitable area for you.

How much access do I need for the castle?

The access way to where you will be setting up the castle must be clear and ready for us on arrival, & we do not allow time for helping clear pathways.

Pathways or gates must be a certain width so that we can actually fit through. For combo castles a min of 1.2m with is needed and regular jumps 1m approx. As the castles are up to 300kg we will not be lifting them over fencing or up and down stair ways. Set up fee will be back charged for any booking that does not comply with this.

What kind of power connection do I need for the castle?

A standard 10amp power connection no further than 25m from the castle, or a 5.5 kva Generator. We can hire you a generator for $60 per castle per hire.

Booking Times

We hire during the day for 4hrs or 7 hrs between 7am & 6pm.... or overnight if the castle can be left in a secure area, set up is half an hour before the requested delivery time. if you require the castle for less than 4 hrs, that is ok, however there is a 4hrs min charge.

How to book?

Send us an online booking form from the website, we will confirm the booking within 24 hrs, or send us an email with all your information [email protected]

Booking confirmations


Payment is due the week of the booking, we will forward EFT details with your booking confirmation, please email or print the eft receipt and hand to the driver prior to set up of the castle on delivery. cheques to be made out to Hills Bouncy Castles and handed to driver on delivery before set up.

Booking Confirmation

We will contact you the day before your booking date to confirm all the details, delivery and pick up times.  Generally delivery is a half hour before your booking time, if you have a set up in a park, we usually allow 45min or more as it can be a little harder to find.

Delivery charges

Some suburbs may be subject to a travel charge, Please email us your delivery address and we can forward you a quote if need be.